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Changers Book Three: Kim
by T Cooper & Allison Glock-Cooper
November 2016
Akashic Books

In Book Three of this acclaimed YA series, Oryon Small transforms into Kim, an Asian American girl who must learn to separate body image from self-worth.
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ChangersBookTwo1-525x800Changers Book Two: Oryon
by T Cooper & Allison Glock-Cooper
April 2015
Akashic Books

In the second in the Changers YA series, we meet Oryon, a skinny African-American skater boy.
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Changers Book One: Drew
by T Cooper & Allison Glock-Cooper
February 2014
Akashic Books

It’s hard enough surviving high school as one person. Try being four.
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Beauty Before Comfort (2003)

Allison Glock’s Whiting Award-winning memoir about her grandmother, the legendary Aneita Jean Blair of Chester, West Virginia.

Learning to Sing
by Clay Aiken and Allison Glock
Random House

Memoir of singer and performer Clay Aiken, #2 on The New York Times bestseller list.

New York Times - 36 Hours 150 Weekends in the USA and Canada by Taschen

The New York Times, 36 Hours: 150 Weekends in the USA & Canada , 2011

Allison Glock is featured in this 740-page book which includes the Times’ top 150 travel destinations, from cities and towns to natural wonders across America.

The Best American Sports Writing, 2000

Allison Glock’s essay “Touch of Knievel” was originally published in GQ, and appears in the collection from The Best American Series, edited by Dick Schaap.



Amy Opens Up
Marie Claire, August 2016
It is unseasonably hot the afternoon Amy Schumer arrives at New York’s Central Park dressed in workout gear, sunglasses, and a baseball cap, her blonde hair tied in a low ponytail at her neck… Allison Glock on Amy Schumer

It’s Miley
Marie Claire, September, 2015
Miley Cyrus is just trying to save the world. Allison Glock on Miley Cyrus.

Pride. Regret. HOPE.
ESPN, June, 2015
The road that leads to Hope Solo’s house in Kirkland, Washington, is imposingly steep… Allison Glock on Hope Solo.

Home Sweet Home
Garden & Gun, June/July, 2016
When Allison Glock heard about a dilapidated cottage overtaken by weeds and kudzu in an Atlanta neighborhood, she knew it would become her her family’s home. So she bought it—sight unseen.

Cat Zingano Will Not Be Defeated
ESPN, February 26, 2015
Profile of UFC Champion Ronda Rousey

Clay Aiken Doesn’t Sing Anymore
Esquire, November 1, 2014
Profile of Clay Aiken during his congressional campaign

Back to the Land
Garden & Gun, August/September 2014
Three young women return to their roots, and the family farm.

Madam Téa’s Second Act
More, August 2014
Allison Glock on Téa Leoni

The Southern A-List: Octavia Spencer
Garden & Gun, April/May 2014
Profile on oscar winner Octavia Spencer

Mila Talks About Ashton, Her Baby, and Saying Yes
Marie Claire, June 11, 2014
Interview with Mila Kunis (cover story)

Ruffled Feathers: Talking Mom Down From Waterfowl Assassination
Southern Living, June 26, 2014
Sometimes, Mother Nature just gives you the bird.

When The Spirit Moves You
Southern Living, August 6, 2014
Personal essay on relocation and mourning our home.

Over Here
ESPN Magazine, August 15, 2005
Interview with David Beckham by Allison Glock

Carl Edwards is Nascar’s newest star
ESPN Magazine, February 27, 2006
Interview with Carl Edwards by Allison Glock

ESPN Magazine, May 7, 2008
Interview with David Garrard by Allison Glock

Is Candace Parker the female Jordan?
ESPN Magazine, March 10, 2009
Interview with Candace Parker by Allison Glock

Love hurts
ESPN Magazine, January 25, 2010
Interview with Dirk Nowitzki by Allison Glock

ESPN Magazine, August 2010
Interview with Tony Washington by Allison Glock

This story is a Finalist for FOLIO’s Eddie Award.
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Southern Women
Garden & Gun, August/September 2011
Feature article on a new generation of Southern women by Allison Glock

I Dream of Dolly
Garden & Gun, August/September 2011
Interview with Dolly Parton by Allison Glock

The Unlikely Ambassador of Bluegrass
Garden & Gun, February / March 2011
Feature profile of Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers by Allison Glock

Sweet Tea | A Love Story
Garden & Gun July/August 2008
Article about the beloved Southern beverage by Allison Glock

Jesse James Repents (Sort Of)
Men’s Journal, May 2011
Interview with Jesse James of Allison Glock

Harrison Ford and the (Truly) Last Crusade
Men’s Journal, May 2008
Cover story on Harrison Ford by Allison Glock

Exit Interview: William Shatner
Men’s Journal, September 2008
Interview with William Shatner by Allison Glock

Back to Basics: Living with ‘Voluntary Simplicity’
Oprah Magazine, January 2008
Families opting in to the simple life by Allison Glock

Living With Music
New York Times Arts Beat, June 25, 2008
A Playlist by Allison Glock

Bland Ambition
New York Times, May 23, 2004
Interview with Ryan Seacrest by Allison Glock