Reviews of “Beauty Before Comfort” by Allison Glock

“Big Flirt in a Small Pond”

Review by Tony Early of Allison Glock’s 2003 memoir Beauty Before Comfort






Kirkus review of Beauty Before Comfort, by Allison Glock

“Glock debuts with a lovely, blue memoir of her maternal grandmother, a vital square peg in the poor, round hole of a hard-baked West Virginia town.”

Listed in Notable Titles of Poverty and Living Poor







 Publisher’s Weekly review of Beauty Before Comfort: A Memoir

“In West Virginia hillbilly country during the 1930s and ’40s, Aneita Jean Blair was a “slinky redhead with a knowing smile” and a Miss America figure. She was shamelessly provocative, relentlessly freeloving and determined to get the hell out of depressed Hancock County….The account’s candor and Allison Glock’s gift for juicy metaphors add memorable touches to an offbeat story.”